Photography Portfolio

Welcome to my photography portfolio, I have a fondness for photography and here we have an eclectic range of subjects. Ranging from found objects to props that I have constructed myself, particularly the retro robot heads. I had to make them, they’re rarer than hens teeth! 

I like to take shots of unusual and disparate objects, things with contrasting functions, or a photograph to spark a conversation. Most of my photography is focused (no pun intended) around minimal lighting, a single photographic lamp and maybe a reflector are used to add subtle light.

All copies are a giclée print on authentic art paper from Hahnemühle a UV resistant FineArt Pearl cellulose-based 285 gsm FineArt inkjet paper with FineArt Coating. Alternatively a giclée print on a box canvas.

The shop is updated all the time, please pop back and check out the new pieces.

All featured artwork and more can be purchased in the shop section here and as displayed in the menu above. 

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