Paintings Portfolio

Oil Paintings. Monochrome

Here in this paintings portfolio is a small selection of monochromatic oil paintings, I particularly enjoy painting with a limited palette of shades from ‘made’ black through ten values to white. I think it seems more to the point in some ways. I was intrigued at one point in colour mixing, but the different variants of black mixed from a combination of different blues and browns with opaque or transparent whites was an enjoyable eye opener. I’ve finally nailed it down now to two workable colours, go me!

Oil Paintings. Colour

Four oil colour paintings, again with a very limited palette, I assure you I have other colours to hand! I had experimented with adding vibrant colours to some monochrome works to make them pop out, I’m quite pleased with the results and they are of a contemporary style to suit the modern home.

Acrylic Stencilled

Six examples of a technique I came up with to extol the virtues of loose stencils. These particular paintings are four feet in height and were created using acrylics sprayed through torn paper stencils with an airbrush onto board, then finished with a hard wearing two part automotive clear coat for a deep lustre. Originally the idea was to use these pieces as coffee table tops, but they look just as home on the wall. They are reinforced with a perimeter batten 38mm in depth. Airbrushed with water based paint, specific to the airbrush and standard acrylics with a surfactant added to aid adhesion.